About Us

“The only freedom you truly have is in your mind, so use it.” 
― M.T. Dismuke


Writing is as natural to me as breathing.
I shall never cease walking the path to find the writer within.
I hope that you walk beside me on my journey of self discovery.

I am the Author of The Empty Nest  –  A Mother’s Hidden Grief (E Pub), available through Amazon & Lulu.

Thank you for stopping by.

Jenny – Melbourne, Australia



526336_2384261062849_246337072_n - KopieWords are wondrous tools.
I taste and tear, shape them to form my images; let them shape me in turn.

Many of my mind’s hidden corridors are yet to be explored – I am patiently waiting to see where they may take me… pen in hand, eyes open wide.

Thank you for the visit…

Miriam – Siegen, Germany




12 Responses to About Us

  1. So excited for you both. Jen, so proud of you for starting this wonderful, creative space for poetry and creativity. Miriam so nice to meet you. Congratulations. Following you from now on..

  2. Congratulations Miriam ! Have a good day, ladies. 🙂

  3. Congrats to you both…x

  4. sakuraandme says:

    Hey girl power!! Cool idea…I shall follow you both. Hugs Paula xx

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