For my friend across the Seas

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Siegen bore a poet with long dark wavy hair
a German lass with eyes deep and cavernous
and we met here ~
through our love of
we commented, shared a smile, encouraged
one another and her name is Miriam Euteneuer
and believe me,  there truly is no other
whom I have connected with
in writing words upon the page
our minds are like, we feel the same
and for one that’s young
my friend’s indeed a sage
she has taught me forms
to trust myself with what I feel and write
what words of thanks can I give
my praise is not enough
her humour is quite wicked
her poetry is sublime
she and I write together
whenever we have time
this is a portrait of the woman I’ve
grown to know and love, her kindness her
enthusiasm spurs me on each time
always supportive, never a harsh word
she is kind and loving, good of heart
and her writing inspires
a gift ~ an art
so Miriam I thank you for the joy
in words you bring, you make me feel
so special which makes my laugh and sing
I so wish you could visit me, come down
to Aussie Land, we’d share a wine or coffee
laugh, remise ~ just think how grand
you work caring for others in Physiotherapy
your soul and heart touched by Angels
for the love in you I see
so this is my portrait ~ be it as it may
I thank you for inspiring me, for helping
me along the way
may our words forever linger in those that
choose to read, I thank you most sincerely
for giving me ~  the strength I need

Love you Miri


This is a portrait of Miriam. This woman who I met on WordPress,  with who I have developed a great fondness for, a friendship, a love of not only words but of souls. She has encouraged, supported and given me strength to write and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. We have never met – I hope one day we shall.

This possibly doesn’t flow that well – it’s 2am …but I wanted to say these words.

About ramblingsfromamum

Writing is as natural to me as breathing. I shall never cease walking the path to find the writer within. I hope that you walk beside me on my journey of self discovery. I am the Author of The Empty Nest - A Mother's Hidden Grief (E Pub) through Amazon & Lulu. Born under the star sign of Cancer ~ 19th July Thank you for stopping by. Jenny - Melbourne Australia
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6 Responses to For my friend across the Seas

  1. Miriam E. says:

    awwwwwww Jen… i am speechless. xxxx thank you so much…

  2. palobi2001 says:

    This poem is indicative of your own beautiful soul and lovely words within, just lovely jenny…x

  3. Both of these portraits are beautiful in their understanding each of the other. There’s a magic in that sort of connection which you both captured. A sort of soul simplicity yet intense.x

    • thank you so much, our collaborations are choosing a picture, then both writing separately and posting, or we each write a stanza to a topic or pic. She is a lovely young woman and I hope that we can get back to writing again. Thank you for popping over to the site. If you want at any time to collaborate – I’m here xx

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