The Fountain

heavy drops tickle
my ears through
thunderous silence

in colored rays this
raincoat swirls,
drifts to the fountain

of youth. doubtful splashes
disappear —
and leave my soul bared.

5-3-5 syllabic Kelly Lunes (the American Haiku)
… a challenge among friends, using the word ‘raincoat’

About Miriam E.

Somewhere along the way, I started writing. If you care to look beyond the jokes & smiles, you will find me a bit of an introvert, spinning through life one clumsy step at a time, fortunate to not have skinned my knees one too many times yet. When everything gets a little too drowned out by the white noise of this planet, I tend to reassemble myself at the keyboard in an attempt to slow down & breathe. English is my second language. I love how it feels on my tongue and how the words can be shaped and sculpted, so be patient with me — I am experimenting. Enjoy, if you will. Miriam
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5 Responses to The Fountain

  1. the fountain of youth perhaps? xx

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